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2 Faces

Figure faces



2 Faces

This was taken yesterday in my bathroom around noon while getting ready for church. This pic was taken using my iPhone 6 plus as I had it handy. At first I thought it was the toothpaste behind the soap dispenser but when I enlarge the photo on my phone, I can very clearly see 2 very distinct and different faces. The on on the left looks like an Aftican American male and the other just creeps out. Both have very clear facial definitions from eyes, pupils, nostrils and laugh lines as well as lips. I never touch anything not the bottle or toothpaste Nd it was there for a bit and then gone. Now I am no stranger to the paranormal. . . I have been sensitive all my life. I have seen figures quickly passing by and heard spirits speaking but couldn't make out what they were saying. I have felt one touch my shoulder as well as have had many pics with orbs but this is the first that I captured this type of thing so clearly. I lost my nephew 2 days ago but I know the reflection of faces are not him. The other experiences I had last night could have been him. From an album falling off the shelf to water bottles falling of my nightstand multiple times. Let it be known that I have not tampered with the pic and have nothing to gain. The only thing I am in search of is an explanations for what I feel is around me and perhaps a better definition for what I am able to see & hear. Thank you kindly for your time and look forward to response(s)