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Graveyard Ghost

Graveyard Ghost

Hi there. My name is Lexie and I have a huge interest in ghosts. I've done many ghost hunts using recorders at houses, abandon homes, graveyard, etc. I even have a few interesting recordings! Anyways, the people I've shown these photos to don't really see what I see or don't believe in ghosts to begin with. There are 2 different pictures, both were taken in the same graveyard, Goldsboro, NC about a year apart from each other. My friend who lives in NC told me about the graveyard and how a cop that lives in the area claims hes seen an apportion. We decided to spend the day there looking around while I took pictures, hoping to experience something. I checked my pictures later on that night and instantly noticed the strange coloration in the left side of the picture. Zooming in, I noticed a what I believe to be a arm in front of the gravestone that somehow connects to a head (its hard to tell). Would love to know what you think! I thought it was amazing and decided to go back when I came to NC again hoping to get another picture, which I somehow did!

    can you circle the area where you saw the ghost?

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