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20141012 192854



dnurse03 - L.R. October 2014

20141012 192854

Hello, I live in the subdivision of Veterns Village which is located in Tampa, FL.  On the night of October 12, 2014, my family and I where watching a movie. As loud as the TV was, we all heard noises in the kitchen.(We always hear strange noises in the house}. So I decided to snap a picture. Look closely at my sliding glass door, you can see what looks like a full blown figure in the glass. It looks like it is standing against the wall with its head turned to the side. If you look underneath the reflection of my table in the glass, you can see a pair of legs as well. Now This house that I currently live in was built on Indian Burial Ground. Crazy, Right!! YES!!!! But, Can anyone else see what I see? Would love to know what someone else thinks!