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my 57 buick ghost



my 57 buick ghost

my 57 buick comes with a long moustached friend looking thru a porthole from the past

    Can we see a large unedited photo? The close ups look interesting but it's hard not to get biased looking at the blew up image. Thanks!

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    Jul 29 2014 06:54 PM

    dear miss Cabra,  i no longer have any of  the unedited photos of the car parked.. but i can tell you this...  3 pics were taken within 10 seconds of eachother on this day ... what you see here is the 3rd shot taken...the 2nd came out black (didnt work)..the first shot  actually showed a face side -on which looked to have a tadpole like tail (like it was travelling) in the front side window..infact it looked somewhat comical... then the 3rd shot taken shows the face when it reached the rear  side window. if we saw these faces at the time pics were taken we would of taken more pics.. i wish to also mention that 3 different phsycics at different times did say  Drugs & money gone wrong way back man in the front white man in the back.. ive even had a phsycic come to my home & rub the top of  a crystal glass whilst we stood between house & garage ..phsycic told me all about these guys  then said one of them is about to appear !! .. then all of a sudden a sparkler effect was circling the squares of  wire fencing that i had proped up to seperate 2 yards at my home & about 20 feet from where we were standing..this sparkler effect then flew towards & past me..then  went thru part of my house out the other side & dart into the garage where this car was kept ..before this happened i was truly like you.. a skeptic !!  look,,, this is a real gangsta car !! & watch this space because i will take the car out again in the next few months & show you guys more pics & proof... these ghosts love appearing when i park the car in a public place  !! & some of the stories i could tell you that have indeed happened whilst driving this car are right out of a christine movie ..i love it !! ive been offered $100k for this car but no way baby !! these guys are like family !!

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    Great story and I'm looking forward to seeing any more pics in the future. Just a clearance, I'm not a skeptic per se, a big fan of paranormal and a believer. I also believe that 98% of supposed ghostly photos can be debunked :)

    Perhaps see if you can take a series of short videos and try to capture the phenomenon you mentioned.

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