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Savannah Ga. Ghost tour.

Savannah Ga. Ghost tour.

This picture was taken at the Gribble house where 3 people were murdered with an axe. I was by myself in this room snapping pictures and I saw a hole in the wall covered with expanded metal covering it , I guess to keep rodents out. I took some pics of it this is what I got. I could not see this image without the camera. What do you think it is ?

    Still Waters
    Sep 10 2013 11:25 PM

    Hi, welcome to GM :)


    Do you mean what looks like something inside the hole in the wall, behind the metal covering? There does seem to be something in there but it's hard to say what as it doesn't resemble anything in particular.


    I'm wondering what that hole is, some kind of air vent I would imagine and possibly leading to an outside wall? If that's the case something could have got in from outside, but that doesn't explain how you couldn't see it without the camera.

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    The hole is a pipe. I was taking pictures inside this room and the hole looked like a place that I thought a spirit might hide. I could only see a dark hole covered with metal when I took the pic. What ever is in the hole doesn't look like anything I have ever seen. Still Waters, have you seen my other picture of the Sorrel Weed house ? There are some creepy things in there.
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    i don't know what that item behind the metal screen is.  it looks like a piece of paper or wasps' nest to me.   

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