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Is it momma


Kimberly Maidens manassas Virginia 8/3/13

Is it momma

Ok so my daughter asked to put on a dress last worn year prior by her nana for her brothers wedding... Not been worn since n nana passed 7 years ago... I looked at my daughter n said smile... She did. I looked back at my phone camera and snapped this photo yet the blue smear I witnessed move as quickly as I snapped from the middle left screen straight above her head and it was gone! I did not see anything in my peripheral only in the camera screen did I see it and just hoped it captured And well ... It did! There have been a load of signs if you will from my mom lately I believe and this just puts my icing on the cake to believe she is with us... Goodness I hope it's her... What do u think... Please share ur opinions cuz I have seen orbs but they are likely dust mostly but this was a moving beam of blue solid light that I saw move!!! What u think?

    Still Waters
    Aug 03 2013 11:45 AM

    It's a lovely dress :)


    I can't help noticing your window drapes are blue as well, and you have some light coming in where they don't quite meet.


    You said you only saw the blue smear through the camera lens which makes me wonder if it's a reflection coming in the room from the window. A mixture of both those things you could have caught in your photo.


    In your other photo the colour of your blue drapes stand out more and the smear looks the same colour blue as your drapes.

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    The drapes are actually black and I see your point told myself the same thing tryin to reason... However no light reaches this side of the bed... Even if the sun were coming thru no way it could bend to be on that side of the bed and if so the beam wouldn't be straight... And it moved!! If you look at both pics the foggy one lines up with the beam as if it was gathering near the floor before shooting... But here is the crazy.... I only snapped one pic!!! The beam!!! But when I posted it suddenly there was no beam just the fog and the beam one was just gone!! No original! I had to screen shot it from IG cuz I posted it there almost immediately in awww... Yet even when I IG post a duplicate always saves to my roll but it didn't do that either... Weird just weird!! Gonna keep lookin into it... Oh and it was raining outside too so there was no sun to shine thru just the vague light of day in the window NO SUN! If it was a light beam from the window it would be in a different spot and different shape! Thanx for your input tho! Gonna keep lookin into it...
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