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1016248 591473484219880 998716821 N

we seen orbs at times in my gramothers house she lost her son at 9 from a drowning he left the housing and drowned in a creek a block away we seen shadows and mists and orbs I think I see eyes in this mist I took a pic of the dog last night no flash used and no mist when I took it let me no wht u think

    Still Waters
    Jul 06 2013 03:53 PM

    Beautiful dog!....I don't know what's causing the mist in your photos....sorry.


    However they do remind me of a photo a friend sent to me recently. In that I could see a strange mist right behind his shoulder, but in a 2nd photo it was clear to see the mist was just the sunlight reflecting off a lamp shade he was sitting next to at the time.


    I'm not saying that's what's causing your mist but could be something similar and worth thinking about.


    Welcome to GM btw :)

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    Hi I know its a stupid question but was your dog wagging his tail when this picture was taken.?<br />To me close up in the far left inside of the mist looks a bit like the shape of a tail.<br />its definitely an interesting pic,<br />Thanks for sharing.<br />
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    ty this was takin at night no the dog was calm no wagging of tail I put a few pics up of orbs in the same room

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