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Aquarium of the Pacific 2013

Demon Aquarium California


K. Coxwell Photography

Aquarium of the Pacific 2013

Went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach CA (next to the Queen Mary) yesterday 5/31/13 and took a few photos in succession of my daughter and her favorite Ray circling the tank. My phone ran out of memory several minutes later so I went through the photos, deleting those I didn't need. I can't tell you the feeling of fear that came over me when this picture came on my display. There were only 2 other people around that tank. I know this is just a reflection of several different things combined with the coral reef in the tank, but when I saw this photo, I saw the face Immediately and was not only scared but felt a sense of dread. I can't seem to throw it away but I'm nervous with it being on my phone still. I've never seen anything like it before. I would be relieved to have this photo clearly explained as a coincidence. Thank you!

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    Jun 01 2013 10:50 PM
    Too clarify, there is a reflection of a woman to the left (and the woman herself), and you can see my daughter and her reflection, but I just assumed you'd all be able to see the face and did not point out where it was. It is above my daughters hand and the just below the manta ray. It's too large to be a reflection of an actual person which is why I think it must be the coral combined with other reflections. This was taken with my iPhone 5, no flash. I really do not like how "it" is "looking" at my daughter.
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    Still Waters
    Jun 02 2013 10:55 AM

    Wow! Creepy :D


    I spotted the 'face' as soon as I looked at your photo, and I agree with you about it being a reflection from something. The aquarium glass too will be adding to the distortion.


    It's a great photo! Thank you for sharing, and welcome to GM :)

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