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Jessica F. Alford

941594 10151489259699735 1850520921 N

For the record, I want it to be known that I do not scan photographs with the intention of finding something.  The face on the right of my daughter just popped out of me while I was scrolling thru my FB photos (on my Iphone it was small!!) that we had taken at Easter this year (2013).  I got goosebumps, took and showed the phone to my skeptic husband who saw the soldier's profile on the left side of my daughter.  .  . This is the second time we have got a little something extra on camera while taking pics of my kids down at my mom and dad's house.  Both times have been outside.  Both times with only my children in the photo..  . My mom does claim to have paranormal stuff going on in her house, but I can honestly (and thankfully) say that I have NEVER experienced anything.  But being outside around dark time gives me the willies.   LOL.  They live on land that ties to Civil War action and my dad finds Creek Indian spearheads and arrowheads.  So I know that a Creek tribe was active there at some point or another.

    i can see two spots of mists.  the one on the right looks like it has a face.

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