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Cemetry Widow



Cemetry Widow

I Have Been 1 Year in the Usa as an exchange student. I really enjoyed that time. That one night I went with my Host Family to Pueblo,CO to visit some more family. I asked my Host Mother for Haunted places around town. She told me about that one Cemetery, which was like 2 streets away from that house we were in. As soon she was finished talking i got up and went to that Cemetery. I found a bench to sit on so i sat down and wait.... I waited like for 1 1/2 hours, it was a really creepy feeling, so cold and kind of sad. It was already about 10.30 p.m and i had to get back and as soon as i got up I saw that one shape straight towards me... It Look like a women with a garment or something it was not really clear to see. she walked towards the fence and walked right through it and disappeared again. It gave heavy chills.