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visited my sister's summer home in Lamoine, Maine, summer 2009 and walked around her property taking photos with my Kodak digital camera, a Kodak "EasyShare" - C433. Noticed after returning home and uploading many photos, I "discovered" this unusual picture. My brother-in-law had told me that after purchasing this home from a Mr. Blood, he surveyed his property and discovered an old and ancient. guardhouse foundation and later on a well-placed "monument" of piled stones, and wondered if it had been a burial site. Sharing this photo with him, he said it was nothing but smoke from my cigarette wafting in front of the camera. Since I'm not profficient using a digital camera, and needing to hold the camera with both hands, I explained that I was NOT smoking at the time. Area was once occupied by former American Indians, amongst others......former Revolutionary War/American Civil War, or as an "outpost" looking for German subs during the 2nd W.W. First view is a close-up and nothing unusual. 2nd photo taken from the graveled driveway with a "zoomed" focus.. Time of day.....between 9 and 10AM.

    i don't see any ectoplasm in this picture but did in your other picture.

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