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what is it ?



what is it ?

taken on my property in Rolla, Missouri

    It appears to be coming from the right side of the photo and located in the bushes. If it is a cold night and you just watered the plants it may be water vapor. One such photo like this was taken just after one of the investigators had pee'd in the bushes on a cold night and no one knew he had until it came time to debunk images as for natural explanations. If not then it still could be some type of vapor/gas in the air. Or it could be what people call ectoplasm which seems to react to the light photons and energize the stuff causing it to appear in pics. What is it? I don't know.
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    May 18 2011 10:21 PM
    I wish I could leave a long, mystery solving comment like Lawmack but I honestly don't know! :huh:
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    First of all, where would he pee? Look at all the stuff, and secondly, this is the second time he posted, and it looks like a spirit to me! So there.
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