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Eastern State Penitentiary "The Hole"


ES Penn 10-11-10

Eastern State Penitentiary  "The Hole"

PLEASE NOTE MY COMP FROZE SO I AM UNSURE IF THIS PIC WENT THROUGH ALREADY OR NOT BUT I RE SENT IT.... . The other picture was taken at the hole also known as "the klondike" we were behind the steel gate and took the picture. If the prisoners behaved badly they would send them here, were there was no day light or anything. I could image there was a lot of anger here, I felt it when we were here.. . We had to go down a flight of stairs to get down there and we did noice anything odd when we were down there. . . Look closely by the yellow/ black striped pipe. I seen a face of a man smiling at us! I see his eyes, nose and his teeth. Also, next to him on the left, I am unsure what that is but it looks like an image of a red/white painted face with a red nose!! Like a clown or a devil or something!! It also has a red boe tie. My friends said they see an apperation of a body there. Do you see that?

    I do not see Krusty the Clown, sorry.
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