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Narroway Cemetery (hwy.94 west, left on FM 2497,right at cem



Narroway Cemetery (hwy.94 west, left on FM 2497,right at cem

Friday 13, 2010. Late at night we drove up to Narroway Cemetery trying to take pictures along the way. The camera would not take any pictures when we finally got there. The driver heard something and with the window down the passenger took a picture and caught this image. Give opinion please and email We did not mess with this picture in anyway possible other than the red circle to show what we caught.

    i don't see anything in the red circle other than blackness. what exactly did you see?
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    Aug 24 2010 03:56 PM
    Sorry but the window is not down as you say. When I put this image into a basic editing auite and lightened it you can very clearly see the reflection of the steering wheel and the car's interior, what you have circed is something reflected from near the steering wheel
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    The window is not down. It's a reflection of something inside the car.

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