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Green Orb


© Michael Helms 2009

Green Orb

On 1-30-09 at 4:10 pm I took a picture of the sun setting behind the trees and when I uploaded it to my Facebook page I noticed the green orb by the tree to the right...This has to be one the BEST and most CLEAR pictures I have ever seen of an orb..It is clearly in front of the tree branch it is obscuring a little, the sun is behind it and the trees and I see no reason for any kind of reflection causing it...I'm not sort of person that looks for this kind of stuff but it does intrigue me what I see a good pic...I dont know or think that it has anything to do with it but I have a house and barn from around the mid 1800s buried in my back yard and there is supposedly 2 graves here as well from the farmers that owned the fields I now live on...I would LOVE to get some feed back on this picture...Thanks!.MHelms

    Cool picture... have never seen a green Orb before... thanks for sharing. Debbie :yes:
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    Shooting into the Sun causes lens flare, which can appear as small orb-shaped spots of light. They can be colored or plain white. Also, tiny specks of dust on the lens can produce the same effect.
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    Mar 24 2009 08:49 AM
    why are there footprints going over to where the orb is?. you should not walk in snow.
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