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Welcome to Ghost Mysteries, providing a fresh source of first hand accounts, images, information, discussion and research into the world of the paranormal.

Our database contains an ever growing collection of first hand, true ghost stories, classic photographs and images submitted by site visitors. If you've ever had an experience with the paranormal or have a photograph to show us, please visit our submission pages.

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Latest True Ghost Stories
Ghosts of the plantation
3/27/2015 | 0 | Phoenix,az
Submitted by angel: I am currently living in an old house that is from the 1930's, they say it's a plantation house from slavery days. I have been staying here takin...
I can sense things and the light switch.
3/22/2015 | 1 | United Kingdom
Submitted by firefliesinjuly: I'd like to start this of by saying hi. This is my first post on this website. Anyway, I've always been able to feel things- spirit wis...
Friendly ghost
3/19/2015 | 0 | Nottingham , uk
Submitted by rubaszek: Recently had lots of experiences of activity. The kettle switched itself on when we were in another room. I had a bottle of vodka on a shelf b...
Mount pleasant ohio haunted house
2/27/2015 | 0 | Ohio
Submitted by spirit51: A family lived in an old house in Mount Pleasant Ohio and the house had very strange things happen and still do happen there. In the back yard...
Mysterious orbs
2/26/2015 | 0 | Townsville North Queensland Australia
Submitted by Sharon from Townsville OLD: It was May 2011 when our dad "Mitch" passed away, all the family still lived in Bendigo Victoria and I lived in Far North Qu...
Cemetery on the bayou
2/11/2015 | 0 | Texas
Submitted by Lorrie George: While living in Texas in a townhouse on a bayou, I used to take walks along this bayou, not too far along my walk I came across an old ce...
House on red deer hill
2/7/2015 | 0 | Canada
Submitted by Joanna: When I was 20 I lived with my mom and step dad in Regina where someone had got stabbed to death on the porch to my mom's room. Well one night I ...
Angel vs Ouija
2/7/2015 | 0 | United Kingdom
Submitted by Jessica: Okay, so I'm 14 and a few friends and I have used a ouija board a couple times, now we've moved onto angel boards because it better suits us. T...
Trapped in the doll: the strange story of Jenny, Jim and Heidi
2/5/2015 | 0 | Los Angeles, California
Submitted by MikeGhost13: Can you help solve a problem and appease an angry spirit or convince a spirit to move on? I have experienced paranormal activity ever since...
Sleeping husband: Honey, I'm happy if you're happy.
1/27/2015 | 0 | Wenatchee, Washington, USA
Submitted by Matthew Pippin: For anyone who hasn't seen any of the posts, my husband doesn't shut up in his sleep. As English is his fifth language, I never know wha...
The old hag
1/24/2015 | 0 | NSW Australia
Submitted by Cybaknight: I have suffered from sleep paralysis most of my life, it began at around 4 or 5 for me and this story is about the last time it happened. It...
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Random Ghost Pictures
St. Mary's Cemetery (4)Uknown objectStrange shapesLiving room orbsStrange things in Salem (2)Crystal globe (3)orb? (2)073.JPGFrom Bachelors Grove CemetaryRandom gravesite pic, Ogden Cemetery.white thing?me,, the big one... Green Lady Cemetary....Guardian Angel??Cemetery Light AnomaliesFarm GhostEastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PAWhite figureMy first ghost pic!IMG 8469827062446IMG 20141230 153638imageDevil in FlightGhost at my door
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Copyright notice - All photographs, ghost stories and site articles featured on Ghost Mysteries belong to the individual(s) who have submitted them to the site and should not be reproduced, copied or featured elsewhere without prior permission from the copyright holder.


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