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Welcome to Ghost Mysteries, providing a fresh source of first hand accounts, images, information, discussion and research into the world of the paranormal.

Our database contains an ever growing collection of first hand, true ghost stories, classic photographs and images submitted by site visitors. If you've ever had an experience with the paranormal or have a photograph to show us, please visit our submission pages.

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Latest True Ghost Stories
A demon in my dream
11/14/2014 | 0 | North Carolina
Submitted by Jace: I seem to always have nightmares whenever I go to sleep with my closet door open... This is one from about 4 weeks ago. -- I was asleep in my drea...
My ghost at 2pm.
11/12/2014 | 0 | Malta.
Submitted by alfred fenech: She was a small child, she made her appearance between 1-30 / 2pm every day. Nothing big, just walks from one room to the bathroom. This ...
Not in the light nor in the dark
11/1/2014 | 0 | Canada
Submitted by Sheri: When I was a teenager in the mid seventies I was a troubled kid. There was a lot of family tension, secrets, alcoholism contributing to my demean...
The mimicking voice
10/30/2014 | 0 | Chicago
Submitted by Barbara A. Banks: This is a true saying, ghost or spirit will mimic your voice, my two children are fed up with it! They always run to me at odd times a...
The man who smoked
10/29/2014 | 0 | Alabama
Submitted by Kiddo: There is a man in my basement/laundry room. He is friendly, but he smokes. Well at least he use too. Anyway I live in Birmingham, Alabama, I've b...
Creepy doll
10/25/2014 | 0 | USA
Submitted by Darlene: One of my friends always told me that her house was haunted, but I've never been a big believer in the paranormal. She would describe inexplica...
Straw hat man
10/19/2014 | 0 | California
Submitted by Elle Latham: I've been keeping this to myself for really most of my life but an image keeps popping into my memory, an image from my childhood which I h...
Meeting my guardian angel
10/17/2014 | 0 | Florida
Submitted by Chelsea: My mo had me at a young age, and she was the second oldest of 4 kids, 2 boys (my uncles) and 2 girls (my mom and aunt) Well being that she had ...
My grandmothers return
9/28/2014 | 0 | Welland ont.
Submitted by Butch: Many years ago when I was in my mid 20,s Married living in toronto I am 61 now My grandmother was dying with cancer. She was not a believer in th...
Spirit figure
9/27/2014 | 3 | UK
Submitted by mandymoo: Never joined a group like this before, but need to see if anyone else has experienced this. Three years ago, my wonderful dad passed away sudd...
My paranormal experiences 2
9/26/2014 | 0 | Sabah, Malaysia
Submitted by JustSomekid: This is actually my first paranormal experiences around the year 2012 in an abandoned housing area. It was six block of bungalows in the ne...
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Random Ghost Pictures
Crystal globe (5)Home swirls (1)an orb?Picture from bachelors Grove CemetaryDancin the night awayorbsgraveyard orbmysteryWyoming PrisonGreen Orb pic #2cemetary oct 015.jpgcemetary oct 006.jpgSachs Bridge.jpgEastern State Penitentiary Black Shadow at the end of the hallOrbs in medieval museumKampung Padang Landslide OrbsWeird Thanksgiving Smokey ImageFamily OrbsFigure In BandgesorbThere's no way it's just light tricks!!IMG 3379ghostLook at her face!!!
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Copyright notice - All photographs, ghost stories and site articles featured on Ghost Mysteries belong to the individual(s) who have submitted them to the site and should not be reproduced, copied or featured elsewhere without prior permission from the copyright holder.


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