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Welcome to Ghost Mysteries, providing a fresh source of first hand accounts, images, information, discussion and research into the world of the paranormal.

Our database contains an ever growing collection of first hand, true ghost stories, classic photographs and images submitted by site visitors. If you've ever had an experience with the paranormal or have a photograph to show us, please visit our submission pages.

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Latest True Ghost Stories
The knocker
7/18/2016 | 0 | Arizona
Submitted by biblophile: I was living with my father and grandmother in the Arizona desert at the end of a dead end road, we lived in a dilapidated trailer on a smal...
Unexplained incidents
7/11/2016 | 0 | California
Submitted by Anonymous520: Before I begin, this house was built studs up from 2008. So it's pretty new, and no previous owner I know of died. It is a spacious 4 bedr...
Morning mystery
7/10/2016 | 0 | Calgary Canada
Submitted by Martha: This morning at about 6.30am my husband was waiting at the bus stop to go to work. When suddenly a young man stood next to him, he didn't see hi...
Return friend
6/26/2016 | 0 | England
Submitted by Sal's experiences: They say children can see ghosts more easily than adults, perhaps it's because their innocence and naivety make them more susceptible...
Three experiences
6/12/2016 | 0 | Usa
Submitted by : I am sharing three experiences with you in this story because they all coexist with each other. The first one is it happened in 2004 at the local park...
6/3/2016 | 0 | Canada
Submitted by Janice: Jacob, Amanda, Lori and I lived together in an old hundred year old home in Stouffville just outside Toronto that was very active, I don't recal...
Black shadows
6/2/2016 | 2 | Australia
Submitted by britney brown: I was about 3 or 4 years old when I woke up from a deep sleep there were these black shadowy things. They were the size of a regular size...
Cursed room
5/22/2016 | 0 | Pennsylvania
Submitted by Nia : So back in 2009 my two sisters moved into my basement. The place had already been pretty scary, with almost continuous fires and floods occurring....
Laurel bay housing stories (beaufort, sc, u.s.a.)
5/18/2016 | 0 | South Carolina, U.S.A.
Submitted by Anonymous: Stories about Marine Corps Air Station base housing in Laurel Bay, in Beaufort, SC. (Beaufort is about 90 minutes south of Charleston, on the...
Roadside assistant ghost
5/12/2016 | 0 | New Zealand
Submitted by Me: This was told to me by a friend after her husband had gotten a flat tyre beside a cemetery that had a reputation for less than friendly ghost encoun...
My basement.
5/10/2016 | 0 | VA
Submitted by CM: I was sitting in my basement watching Sherlock, when suddenly the play/pause button, and volume button symbols changed into a weird language. They on...
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Random Ghost Pictures
Christmas Orbs (1)Ghostly mist (2)My cousin with orbsJosie75monkey facedutch reform church orbRetro Nite InFaint Face in the End-TableAn orbcemetary oct 016.jpgThe day my mom died and afterRegistry officeCaught in my cousins attic Greenwood, SCa picture of my little girl alone or is she ???..............check out the light reflection behind the person in the photoMy Son's memorialMassanutten Mountain, VirginiaChristmas Party 2013IMG 20140207 203204Queen Mary ghostCamera Ghost Detector 63549636174043711020131117 092405 zpsad385e042Creepy Bald Ghost
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Copyright notice - All photographs, ghost stories and site articles featured on Ghost Mysteries belong to the individual(s) who have submitted them to the site and should not be reproduced, copied or featured elsewhere without prior permission from the copyright holder.


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